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Over the years, Providend has contributed our views on personal finance matters to various publications and newspapers. Because of our frank opinions and sensible views, we have often drawn positive responses from the public. We also believe that through these contributions, we have raised the standard of financial literacy and awareness in Singapore. We are very thankful for these opportunities and we hope you will enjoy reading these articles as much as we enjoyed writing them.

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For Where the Compensation Is, There Will Your Adviser’s Focus Be Also

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Christopher Tan

April 2012  |  Industry Insights

There is no such thing as free financial advice. Know the advantages and disadvantages of how your adviser is compensated.

Insurance – Why, What & How

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Christopher Tan & Tang Yin Fong

September 2011  |  Insurance

In this full article, Chris and Yin Fong explain why they believe in the philosophy “Pay as little as you can, but buy as much as you need” when buying insurance. Insurance also should be bought only for protection purposes. If planned well, we can have more money for our other needs, and even help the people around us. Chris and Yin Fong also go through what is covered in local, regional and global medical insurances respectively. Buying a local plan is essential, while the latter two can be added on if one’s lifestyle warrants them.

Riding Through Volatile Times

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Christopher Tan - The Sunday Times (Invest)

August 2011  |  Time Sensitive

In his full article, Chris comments on the recent fall in stock markets despite the widespread understanding that global growth will slow down. He feels that this is mainly sentiment-driven. However, he believes that reduced spending and strong corporate earnings in the US, increased industrial production in Japan, and determination to support financial stability and growth in the Eurozone, will help to support global growth. More importantly, Chris fears that many people are falling slave to money, and, particularly in Asia, have been over-confident with their money, pushing property and car prices too high, and taking on too much debt. He feels that adopting an attitude of contentment – which is to strive for what really matters and accept that certain things cannot or need not be had – is a sure way to release oneself from the shackles of money.

Financial Planning in a Time of Low Yields

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Phoon Chiong Tuck & Eddy Cheong

April 2011  |  Financial Planning

This is a full article jointly written by Chiong Tuck and Eddy. Despite robust economic growth and inflation in Singapore, interest rates have remained low because they are tracking global interest rates emerging from a financial crisis. Conservative investors who rely mainly on fixed deposits now face the prospect of insufficient income. Chiong Tuck presents the investment response, in which he suggests short-term currency-hedged bonds and REITs as possible alternatives. Eddy presents the financial planning response, which advises increasing savings, decreasing consumption, delaying retirement, and possibly taking on more risk, among others.

Estate Planning Made Easy 2nd Edition

July 2010  |  Our Books

ESTATE cover.indd

Authors: Christopher Tan & James Huan, Providend Ltd
Published by: Horizon Books Pte Ltd

Have you wondered what Estate Planning is all about?

In this second edition of Providend’s best-selling book on Estate Planning, find out what other issues there are to address besides the Will. There are also checklists to help you determine whether your “estate” will be big enough and if it isn’t, we will show you how to “create” the necessary capital to make up the shortfall.

There is more to the management of your assets than you may think. Many of the issues seem complicated, but this book brings them all together in a way that is easy to understand.

The Importance of Staying Invested

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Christopher Tan - The Business Times

January 2010  |  Investment Planning

When the market was down, many investors quickly pulled out to cut their losses, hoping to re-enter when it picks up. Some have been successful, while others were not so lucky. In his January full-article contribution to the Business Times, Chris dicusses the merits of staying invested as the key to handling volatility and investing successfully. He then outlines the three ingredients to staying invested, or the 3 S’s: a sufficiency mindset, strong financial foundation, and a strong adviser. Read the full article to know more.

Effects of Fast Food Nations

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Christopher Tan - The Straits Times

November 2009  |  Industry Insights

Over the past 5 years, in its pursuit for fast revenue growth, financial institutions and many financial advisory companies have been recruiting relationship managers and advisers en masse. Some financial advisory companies have grown their advisers from 300 to 500 in just a few years! I know for a fact that many of these advisers are fresh out of school and have been attracted by the lucrative compensation of this industry. Read on to find out what you should look out for in an adviser. You have the power to improve the quality of advice that you rightfully deserve.

In Crisis, Do The Right Thing

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Christopher Tan - The Business Times Weekend

June 2009  |  Industry Insights

What is the role of an adviser? The current crisis has been a true test for investors, and especially for their advisers. It may be easier to give in to clients’ demands and sentiments. But Chris, CEO of Providend, firmly believes that an adviser’s responsibility is not to give clients what they want but to tell them what is best. Read on to find out more.

Active vs Passive: the Ongoing Debate

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Christopher Tan - The Business Times Weekend

September 2008  |  Investment Planning

Numerous studies have shown that most active fund managers cannot beat the market. If they do so, they are unable to do it consistently. Passive instruments which replicate the market and only hope to achieve market return are a possible option for investors. However, there are not many of such instruments in Singapore despite their lower cost. Find out why and more on the active-passive debate in this article.

The Importance of Writing a Will

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James Huan - iFast Insight

August 2008  |  Estate Planning

It is a common misconception that Wills are only for the rich. In this article, James, Head of Legal & Estate Succession, highlights the importance of having a Will. For the picture to be complete, CPF monies, ownership of physical properties and insurance nominations should also be considered. Read on to find out why.

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