The Providend Difference

In our relentless pursuit to be the most trusted independent private wealth management company, Providend adopts an approach that is uniquely different from the rest of the service provider. We know it is a road less traveled, but a path that will lead us to providing you with the most honest, independent and competent financial advice.

We Are Pioneers in the Independent Financial Advisory Industry

We were one of the first to obtain an IFA license in 2003. Since then, we have chalked up a wealth of experience , especially through various crises, in giving financial advice motivated not by sales but by the desire to do what’s best for our clients. With this knowledge, you can be sure that your financial matters are in good hands.

We Are The First Fee-Only Independent Financial Adviser

In the financial planning/advisory world, the commissions-based model often gives rise to a conflict of interest. For many advisers, the amount of commissions takes precedence over suitability when they choose a product for their clients. We believe that in order to give the most honest and objective advice, we should have nothing to do with commissions, which is why we decided to make a stand, and became the first IFA to work on a fee-only basis. This means that you only pay us for the work we do, ensuring that what we do for you is always in your best interests. ALL commissions that arise from any product transactions will also be returned to you in full. Today, we are probably still the sole fee-only independent financial advisory firm in Singapore.

We Have A Unique and Comprehensive Financial Planning Process

Our focus is always first and foremost on crafting the most suitable financial plan for you. This is why we spend no less than 30 hours, including at least four meetings, developing a comprehensive financial plan that encompasses all aspects, including insurance, investments and estate planning. This also involves devoting time to finding out what your financial situation and objectives are, ensuring that the final product is truly customized to your needs, circumstances and goals.

Our Team-Based Approach Ensures Consistency in Competence

It is not easy to be a jack-of-all-trades and master them as well. Here at Providend, our client advisers do not handle all aspects of the financial plan on their own. Instead, they are supported by a team of up to 5 qualified resident specialists , one for every component of the overall financial plan. In this way, you can be sure that our advice is the best you can possibly receive, because it is backed by the relevant expertise. What’s more, the same strategic thinking is applied across the board, which means that all clients receive the same quality service.

Our Centralised Investment Management Process Allows for Better Management of Portfolios

At Providend, our overarching investment philosophy is centred not on chasing maximum returns, but on achieving financial goals through long-term investing. Guided by this philosophy, our investment committee, comprising highly qualified veterans in the industry, makes all the decisions on long-term strategic asset allocation, investment policy, as well as any necessary changes to the portfolios. These decisions are applied to all our portfolios, thus enabling us to monitor and manage your investments more effectively.

We Are the First IFA to Provide Extensive Access to Overseas Index-Based Funds

When it comes to our clients’ investments, we always aim to minimize cost and risk while still achieving the returns needed to fulfill their financial goals. When we realized that active funds seldom consistently outperform passive benchmarks, we became a strong believer in index funds such as ETFs, which are not only subject to less volatility, but are more cost efficient as well. However, most of the best of breed index-based instruments were only available overseas, which spurred us to find ways to make them accessible to our clients. We succeeded, and became the first IFA in Singapore to provide extensive access to index-based instruments unavailable in Singapore. At Providend, we will continue to find better ways to help you reach your life goals, even if it means being different.

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